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Best of Seniors 2017

January 2, 2018

GET READY for BEST of SENIORS 2017!! Take a peak at all the awesome and beautiful photos of these soon-to-be adults below!

Also…. big news is that my Class of 2019 Senior Spokesmodel application is LIVE! If you’re interested in applying to be a spokesmodel, APPLY HERE!

To start things off, here are my Class of 2018 Senior Spokesmodels! These beautiful ladies represented my business this year and they were so fun to work with!

Braxton was one of my senior boys this year, but we had a blast! It’s not very often that I get to do more masculine shoots!  He’s an all-star football and basketball player in Anaconda, and also loves to be outdoors and go fishing!  Watch out for him in college games next year!

Avery’s blue eyes and gorgeous smile made for a great summer senior session around Missoula!

Kelsey is a natural and we had a ton of fun with her downtown shoot!

Liz is all about FFA and has the kindest heart around! I LOVED hanging out with her and getting some fun shots around Fort Missoula!

I had a super unique shoot with Camille! She’s a figure skater and the first shoot I’ve done in an ice rink!  She’s also got the cutest giggle laugh around!

Brooke is another one of my Senior Spokesmodels and she brought some awesome props to her shoot… her pom-poms!

Jazmine was by far the edgiest senior session this year; I mean, how cool is it that she brought her dad’s motorcycle as a prop?! I love when my clients are creative!

Talla is also a PMP Senior Spokesmodel and she’s always a joy to work worth.  Talla’s been featured in some of my dance photography before and I adore her so much!

Riley is an artist and also brought her favorite leisure activity to her session–a book! I loved shooting on this gorgeous fall day with her, her mom, and her sister!

Gabby and her fanny pack! How cute and clever is that?! She’s another one of my Senior Spokesmodels and she totally killed it at her session!

Margo was super creative and brought a bunch of pink details to showcase her favorite color! How cute is that? She’s another of my Senior Spokesmodels and it was a joy working with her this year!

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to an amazing 2018 and another year of awesome senior sessions for the Class of 2019!

If you’re interested in applying to be a spokesmodel, APPLY HERE!


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