Family Session Tips & Tricks

Before the session

- Plan around nap schedules or sports. 
- Decide on clothing for everyone before the day-of.
- Check the weather in order to be on top of dressing appropriately or in case we need to reschedule.

during the session

- Constant positive reinforcement is a great way to keep kids happy! Kids like to hear how well they're doing and it will keep them in a good mood. Avoid getting worried, stressed or agitated over kids running around or not sitting still. They are kids! I plan accordingly and take shots with kids in between their running around.
- Enjoy being together and capturing the moment! Spend time hugging kissing, whispering, laughing. It makes for great candid images and the closer you are, the better.

after the session

Congratulate your kids (and yourself) on a job well done! If you're up for it, treat them with ice cream or something they have really been looking forward to. 

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* It takes anywhere between 1-3 weeks for delivery of final images. I will be in touch as soon as they are done via phone or email.