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Montana Ranch Wedding | Alex & Matt

July 14, 2018

Alex always reminded me of of best friend that I never knew.  She just has that type of infectious personality.  She’s so bubbly, kind, fun, and overall an amazing person.  I knew the minute we got on our first Facetime call to talk about her wedding that she was going to be a great bride to work with in 2018.

I finally met Matt at their engagement session in Seeley Lake, Montana.  He is from Seeley and Alex is originally from California.  Over the past couple years, Alex was being a total badass studying and working her fanny off to become dental hygienist school for some time, so they did the dreaded long distance thing BUT were finally able to settle down together here in Montana this year!

Alex and Matt hosted their wedding at the Angelo Cattle Ranch in Drummond, Montana.  The Angelos are family friends of the bride, and the Montana scenery was absolutely spectacular!  It was such a joy for all the people coming in from California and the east coast to see Montana at its finest.  I’ve never shot on such a beautiful piece of land–over 17,000 acres of pure Montana ranch amazingness.  Their wedding photos are a true testament to what a downhome Montana wedding should be: fun, laughter, and good ole times!

Happy marriage, Alex & Matt!  Cheers to the future and all that is to come.  As Alex says…. “If a little Pitman were to come along, we’d be thrilled!” 😉


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