What to Wear


Coordination is key! Don't be too matchy-match. Try to mix colors, patterns and textures into your clothing that have the same tone or work well together. Also try to pick colors that compliment the surrounding environment.


Layering provides interest and personality. Try using cardigans, blouses under a button-down or scarves for added depth.


Avoid all logos and wording. It draws the eye immediately to the logo instead of your gorgeous faces!


Black should be at a minimum due to shadows and light, airy colors at a maximum. Think about using dark blues or purples instead of black, and creams instead of white. Pastels and simple patterns (plaid, stripes, herringbone, etc) add the perfect touch to color combinations but should be used sparingly. If all else fails, go with the 3 colors and POP rule: pick 3 colors, one being a neutral. Then add one POP color. One last tip: if you are going to display your photos in your home pick colors that go well with your home decor.


Accessories are the key to a good wardrobe for your photoshoot. Chunky necklaces, scarves, hats and bracelets are perfect for the ladies. Belts are a must for maternity sessions. Guys should consider bringing a blazer or sweater to throw on for different shots. 


Obviously the most important thing I can tell you is to be comfortable! Especially when kids are involved. We will be posing and taking candids so being able to move around easily and without a wardrobe malfunction is best.


If you need inspiration, check out my Pinterest page for all types of great wardrobe ideas!

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If you simply want some personal help, send me a couple of ideas of that you want to wear and I will help you put together the perfect combination for your session.